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Ways to receive a social tax deduction for treatment and purchase of medicines Qualified electronic signature in the Certification Center of the Federal Tax Service of Russia property taxes How taxpayers can get up-to-date tax information Information regarding taxpayers tax notice Declarative procedure for granting tax benefits for transport and land taxes All payments administered by the tax authorities are payable to a separate treasury account Single tax account (UNS) UNS from 2023: how businesses pay taxes and submit reports Chatbot "Assistant for UNS" Declaration-free administration of property tax Memo on the procedure for submitting and filling out a notice of calculated amounts of taxes, advance payments on taxes, fees, insurance premiums An income tax return can be submitted to the MFC "My Documents" Vehicle Tax Relief for Electric Vehicles Schedule of webinars with taxpayers for the 2nd quarter of 2023 Details of payment (transfer) to the budget system of the Russian Federation of taxes, fees, insurance premiums, penalties, fines, interest Be aware of tax debt In Moscow, June 26 is not taken into account as a working day when calculating the deadlines established by the Tax Code of the Russian Federation On receipt of tax notices and claims for payment of tax arrears through a personal account on a single portal of state and municipal services (EPGU) On the possibility of receiving tax notices through a personal account at EPGU On the exclusion of KBK from the list of taxes paid as a single tax payment
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Assessment of the quality of services provided by a medical organization
State program of the city of Moscow "Development of healthcare in the city of Moscow (Capital healthcare)"
On the rights and obligations of citizens in the field of health protection
High-tech medical care for residents of Moscow
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