Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy when processing, storing, distributing and protecting information about individuals using the feedback form on the official website of GAUZ "SP No. 64 DZM" on the Internet

This Personal Data Processing Policy (hereinafter referred to as the Policy) has been drawn up in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 18.1 of the Federal Law "On Personal Data" No. 152-FZ dated July 27, 2006, as well as other regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation in the field of protection and processing of personal data and applies to all personal data that the Site Administration can receive from the subject of personal data.


1.1. This Privacy Policy uses the following terms:

1.1.1. "Site" - the official website of the State Autonomous Healthcare Institution of the City of Moscow "Dental Clinic No. 64 of the Department of Health of the City of Moscow" (hereinafter referred to as SP64), located on the Internet at:

1.1.2. "Site Administration" - authorized employees of SP64 to manage the site, who organize and (or) carry out the processing of personal data, and also determine the purposes of processing personal data, the composition of personal data to be processed, the actions (operations) performed with personal data.

1.1.3. "Personal data" - any information relating to a directly or indirectly identified or identifiable natural person (subject of personal data).

1.1.4. "Processing of personal data" - any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed using automation tools or without using such tools with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.

1.1.5. “Confidentiality of personal data” is a mandatory requirement for the Site Administration or other person who has gained access to personal data to prevent their distribution without the consent of the subject of personal data or other legal grounds.

1.1.6. "User" - an individual who has posted his personal information through the Feedback Form on the site with the subsequent purpose of transferring data to the Site Administration.

1.1.7. "Feedback form" - a special form where the User places his personal information in order to transfer data to the Site Administration.


2.1. This Privacy Policy governs the processing of storage, distribution and protection of information about individuals using the Feedback Form on the Site.

2.2. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to ensure proper protection of information about the User, incl. his personal data from unauthorized access and disclosure.

2.3. By using the Feedback Form, the User agrees to the terms of this Privacy Policy and the terms of processing the User's personal data.

2.4. The Site Administration does not verify the accuracy of personal data provided by the User.

2.5. Personal data authorized for processing under this Privacy Policy is provided by the User by filling out the registration form on the Site and includes the following information:

2.5.1. surname, name, patronymic of the User;

2.5.2. contact phone number of the User;

2.5.3. place of residence of the User;

2.5.4. email address (e-mail);

2.6. At the time of creating an appeal, an electronic message is automatically generated and sent using the feedback form, containing the full set of application fields, to the email address of the Moscow Health Department.

2.7. Any other personal information not specified in clause 2.5 of this Privacy Policy is subject to secure storage and non-distribution.

2.8. The processing of personal data is carried out on the basis of the principles:
a) lawfulness of the purposes and methods of processing personal data and good faith;

b) compliance of the purposes of processing personal data with the purposes predetermined and declared during the collection of personal data;

c) compliance of the volume and nature of the processed personal data with the methods of processing personal data and the purposes of processing personal data;

d) the inadmissibility of combining databases created for mutually incompatible purposes containing personal data.


3.1. The User's personal data may be used by the Site Administration for the following purposes:

3.1.1. Identification of the User for processing the User's requests;

3.1.2. Establishing feedback with the User to send a response to the User's request.


4.1. The User's personal data is stored on the site's electronic media indefinitely.

4.2. The User's personal data is destroyed at the request of the user himself on the basis of his request, or at the initiative of the Site Administration without explanation, by removing the information posted by the User by the Site Administration.


5.1. The User's personal data is not transferred to any third parties, except as expressly provided for by the legislation of the Russian Federation.


6.1. The site administration takes the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect the User's personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties.


7.1. The site administration has the right to make changes to this Policy. When changes are made, the heading of the Policy indicates the date of the last revision of the revision. The new version of the Policy comes into force from the moment it is posted on the website, unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Policy.

7.2. When a new version of the Privacy Policy is posted on the Site, the previous version is stored in the documentation archive of the Site Administration.