Тангаева Лариса Юрьевна


Выражаю сердечную благодарность стоматологу ЕНДОНОВОЙ Евгении Викторовне. Она обнаружила проблему, которую не заметили в платных клиниках, у меня нижние резцы развернулись вокруг оси, развился пародонтоз, который я год лечила в институте стоматологии, потом еще год носила брекеты, чтобы выправить дефект и никто мне не сказал, что это зуб мудрости двигает зубной ряд. А ведь правильно поставить диагноз — это очень важно! Евгения Викторовна не молчит, когда работает с пациентом, она спокойно и доброжелательно рассказывает о том, что она сейчас делает, и от этого атмосфера в кабинете становится домашней. Я очень рада, что такие специалисты работают в клинике, что можно запросто записаться и попасть на прием, бесплатно! И получить помощь, которую я не нашла в дорогих клиниках. Спасибо, спасибо, спасибо!

Трофимов Максим Владимирович


Огромная благодарность врачу стоматологу-терапевту Ширеторовой Елене Жамцарановне. Вылечила мне пять зубов: консультировала, назначила план лечения, всё сделала на высшем уровне. Отличный врач с лёгкими руками — до неё стоматологов боялся как огня. Рекомендую!

Курганова Светлана Николаевна


Хочу выразить благодарность врачу-стоматологу Егизаровой Елене Раджевне. Очень внимательный,профессиональный доктор!Просто Волшебница! Рекомендую всем,кто в поиске хорошего стоматолога!

Dyachkova Valentina Alekseevna


I thank dentist-surgeon Nikita Vitalievich Semenov for the professional performance of his work, sensitive and attentive attitude towards the patient. I had a tooth removed by the doctor and was very worried, but everything went quickly and painlessly, although there were some difficulties. The doctor quickly solved the problem, for which I am very grateful to him.

Shugai Natalia


On this bright holiday of Epiphany, I would like to congratulate the entire team of dental clinic 64 and wish all doctors and employees health and good luck. And taking this opportunity, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the therapist Olesa Sergeevna Ponkratova, who painstakingly, scrupulously, step by step, without fuss, cured a large number of teeth for me within a month and brought them into complete order. I procrastinated for a very long time and had not been to a dentist for many years, and then I made up my mind and by chance ended up at an appointment with O.S. Ponkratova, I was very afraid, but all my worries began to melt away as soon as the doctor started working. She is undoubtedly a professional in her field, polite, respectful, with extensive experience and caring attitude toward her patients. Separately, I would also like to mention nurse Natalya (unfortunately I don’t know her last name), who works in tandem with Dr. Pankratova. Also a knowledgeable, friendly, understanding doctor, from a word to a glance, this is a real team that acts in a coordinated and precise manner so that we, patients, do not experience discomfort and fear when crossing the threshold of the dental office.
Thank you to the management for having such professional doctors and medical staff. Cherish them! At all times, the best professional doctors are the calling card of any medical institution!

Vasiliev Anton Vladimirovich


I really want to thank the wonderful professional and wonderful person, dentist-therapist Ainur Aleksandrovna Moskovskaya. Since childhood, I have been afraid of dentists; somewhere in the nutrition there was a fear of treatment and the smell of burnt bone. Ainur Alexandrovna finally dispelled this horror. In December 2023 We cleaned the mouth and placed three fillings - quickly, efficiently, professionally! It's a pleasure to deal with a person who respects his work and is very attentive to his patients. I highly recommend this specialist. In the future only to you.

Konstantinova E.Sh


The visit to the dentist-surgeon Mikhail Alexandrovich Alekseev left the best impressions. The appointment was strictly at the time specified in the coupon. I received professional advice and recommendations for further treatment. The doctor dispelled many doubts and fears, for which I am very grateful to him! In general, the clinic has noticeably changed for the better.

Roman Yakunin


I express my deep gratitude to the dentist-therapist Evgenia Viktorovna Endonova, the best specialist I have met, who performs her work competently and efficiently, and treats each client individually.

Onyanova Irina Nikolaevna


I would like to express my deep gratitude to Mailov Kamran, he is a Doctor with a capital D, unfortunately there are only a few doctors like him, very few, who treat their work and clients with the soul and understanding of how Kamran treats their work and clients, this same doctor can be set and set as an example for other doctors of this clinic, I ask the management to notice such doctors and hope that their names will hang on the honor board so that other clients can see the name of such wizards as Mailov Kamran. Thanks for his work!!!!!!!!!!!!

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