Urusova M.A.


Gratitude to the dentist-surgeon Semenov Nikita Vitalievich! Works quickly, confidently and accurately. Jokes and creates a comfortable atmosphere for the patient. He removed the tooth instantly, not a drop of pain and blood. Thanks for the professionalism!



I want to express my gratitude to Nikita Vitalievich Semyonov for his professional work and sensitive attitude towards his patient! Quickly and painlessly removed a wisdom tooth, for which I am immensely grateful to him)

Belova Ekaterina Alekseevna


I want to express my deep gratitude for the work, for the goodwill of the doctor Egiazarova E.R., if all the doctors were receiving and treating us patients the way Elena Radzhevna treats us, then there would be much less negative on the health care system and the CHI system as a whole! Thanks Elena Radzhevna for your work.

Olga Vladimirovna Ilyasova


I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to the dentist-therapist Kamila Akhmedovna Abdulaeva. I contacted her on the recommendation of a colleague. A professional who knows her business, Kamila Akhmedovna performs her work efficiently and conscientiously. Advise how best to start and continue treatment. To date, I have practically no problems with my teeth. The doctor cured four teeth. Once again, I would like to thank and wish good health and good patients to Kamila Akhmedovna.

Pogozhev Nikolai Alexandrovich


I visited the dental clinic 64 in connection with the removal of the eight, the impressions were good, first of all, respect and respect for Mazurin Artyom, surgeon, professional in his field, 20 sec. and the tooth is removed.

Ustimenko Yuliana Valentinovna


I express my deep gratitude to Omarov Magomed for saving the tooth! I took on a very difficult and heavy tooth. Healed and restored. Thank you professional!
Previously, I treated my teeth with Gadzhiakhmedova Zumrut - I express my deep gratitude to her for her love for her profession! Made everything perfect! Thanks a lot!
I also want to mention Bayramov Gasrat! I was amazed at the lightness of his hand and the well-done work on tooth extraction and suturing!
Each of them is a professional in his field. Thank you!



I want to express my gratitude to the dental surgeon Mikhail Aleksandrovich Alekseev for his professional approach to business, he came for the second time, removed it quickly, painlessly. He has a good mood and health!



I want to express my deep gratitude to Yegiazarova Elena Radzhevna! She was able to save my tooth from extraction, the treatment went perfectly. Thank you very much for your professionalism, attention and the missing fear of dental treatment). It is also very nice to feel that the doctor really wants to help you and explains what, how and why is happening. Thank you very much again!



The best impression: Olesya Sergeevna Pankratova is very friendly, smiling, her energy is overflowing, she answered all questions very intelligibly, performed all the necessary procedures, periodically asked about unpleasant sensations and corrected actions to minimize them. More than satisfied with the result. A very attentive, caring doctor with burning, in a good way, eyes. Absolute delight, I recommend!

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