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Program of preferential dentures

Program of preferential dentures

Provision of privileged orthopedic dental care to residents of the city of Moscow is regulated by the law of the city of Moscow No. 70 of 03.11.2004 "On social support for a certain category of citizens of the city of Moscow" at the expense of the budget of the city of Moscow.

Free production and repair of dentures (except for the cost of paying for the cost of precious metals and cermets), taking into account medical indications and contraindications, is carried out by preferential categories of citizens:

  • disabled people and participants of the Great Patriotic War;
  • blockade of Leningrad;
  • WWII veterans;
  • invalids of I, II, III groups pensioners;
  • labor veterans;
  • "Honorary Donor of Russia" ("P.D. USSR");
  • rehabilitated. persons and members of their families;
  • rear workers;
  • widows of the Great Patriotic War, UVOV;
  • concentration camp prisoners;
  • liquidators of the Chernobyl accident;
  • military veterans;
  • combatants;
  • veterans of Afghanistan;
  • mothers of many children (from 5 or more children).

Regulatory terms for the manufacture (repair) of dentures

  • fixed bridge prosthesis – 26 working days
  • clasp prostheses - 25 working days
  • removable dentures - 20 working days
  • single crown - 6 days
  • combined crowns – 12 working days
  • plastic crowns (kappa) – 5 working days
  • repair (repair) of removable dentures - 3 working days

Warranty periods for the use of dentures

  • removable dentures - 1 year
  • fixed dentures - 2 years

The following types of work are carried out:

  • partial and complete removable lamellar dentures (with the installation of a different number of plastic teeth from 1 to 14 on one denture);
  • simple clasp prostheses;
  • non-removable dentures (single stamped crowns and bridges: steel, plastic, metal-plastic, metal-ceramic, dentures made of gold and precious metals);
  • removal and cementation of crowns;
  • anesthesia in the process of orthopedic treatment using disposable standard syringes and anesthetics of domestic production;
  • The cost of gold, precious metals, cermets and plasma retention spraying on fixed prostheses is paid additionally by the patient from personal funds.
  • All orthopedic structures are made strictly according to medical indications.

List of medical services provided by medical organizations of the state healthcare system of the city of Moscow to certain categories of residents of the city of Moscow at the expense of the budget of the city of Moscow

About the normative terms of preferential dental prosthetics